Discover Amsterdam and Major Attractions in an Idyllic Destination



If you want to enjoy unspoiled natural surroundings in a contemporary European environment, Amsterdam is just the place to be. The city has embraced a multicultural character, along with a special vibe that makes it ideal for fun and entertainment non-stop!

Besides the effervescent nightlife and the distinctive architecture, Amsterdam boasts a plethora of attractions that will keep you excited throughout the day. Of course, chances are that you will be dreaming of the coming night – when you get the opportunity to go out and have fun till morning hours again!

Starting out with the major Amsterdam attractions, you should take some time and visit Vondelpark. This is a wonderful park of the city, offering the chance to travelers to enjoy great long walks and admire the evergreen gardens of roses and other flowers. Artis Royal Zoo is one more place where nature enthusiasts will find a unique spectacle. There are many rare species of flora and fauna, while the surroundings are truly well-preserved.

Moving forward, Begijnhof boasts its distinct gothic style. There you will enjoy taking pictures and even visiting the interior of the picturesque chapel and houses. Apart from everything else that has been pointed out above, Centraal Station is another important landmark of Amsterdam.  

Obviously, nobody visits Amsterdam without admiring its canals. There are three canals connecting Amsterdam found in the World Heritage List, due to their special structure and prominent nature. The canals are necessary for the welfare of the population in Amsterdam. They are not there just for décor, which means that they have been constructed to help the city thrive.

Van Gogh Museum is an exceptional place of cultural interest, for those who wish to immerse in the mind of this prominent artist. Anne Frank House is the place where the iconic little girl from World War II lived. You can visit the house and take a glimpse at this inspirational site. There is also the Museum of Rembrandt and the Hermitage.

Living in Amsterdam offers a great opportunity to re-evaluate your priorities. You enjoy long walks and riding your bicycle, instead of driving like crazy and rushing to make it through the day. Amsterdam is the place where attention is drawn to mankind, rather than anything else. You should consider visiting the city, at least indulging in this experiment of listening to what you want for a change!


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