The Unpretentious Luxury and Natural Bliss of Japan



The jewel of the Orient is without a doubt Japan, with its exquisite character and natural beauty. Boasting a long lasting history of millennia, Japan is home to ancient philosophers and world renowned fighters. Travelers visit the country not only for its history, but also for the spectacular environment and the lush greenery, the timeless beauty and refined elegance all around.

Travel to Places Far Away

Ine Town is a picturesque place just two hours’ drive from Kyoto. A place where time seems to have been held still, with the traditional funaya offering exceptional accommodation by the sea! Wooden structures made in perfect alignment with the natural surroundings, provide a marvelous opportunity to guests to explore the magical beauty of Japan. In Shirakawago you will be able to enjoy your stay not at funaya, but on a gassho style guesthouse that is equally breathtaking.

Fishing is one of the major activities all over the country of Japan, which is why most people enjoy taking up traditional fishing lessons of mondori while being on vacations there. In addition, going on cruises and admiring the fabulous nature is an experience that you should not miss.

Japan is a place of deep religion. There is a profound belief in the higher powers, highlighted through the worship of nature in shrines. The Great Torii Gate at Miyajima is the best known floating shrine in the world and marks the distinction between the world of humans and the world of the spirits.

Last but definitely not least, when you are in Japan you should make sure to visit places of natural beauty. There are Parks that have been named UNESCO World Heritage Sites, due to their wonderful uniqueness. For example, when traveling to Japan you should not miss out on a hike to the virgin forest of Mount Misen.

Indulge in an Oriental Marvel

Schedule your travel to Japan and indulge in a majestic holiday adventure out of the ordinary. Those who have been overwhelmed by the western lifestyle will be thrilled to discover something entirely different. The pace of life is more serene and laid-back, while every aspect of life tries to be in sync with nature’s balance.

From the local gastronomy to the habits and daily routine of the locals, everything is pure and a lot more sustainable. Perhaps this is the secret of longevity, a well-kept treasure!


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